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Self Taught Artist

Hello and welcome to my website!

I created Heart Art after the loss of my sister, Claire Louise Trueman (shown next) in 2018, she died suddenly of vasculitis. After her death I threw myself into fundraising and charity events to keep busy , but after a while I felt it was no longer helping. So I started painting again and Heart Art was created in her memory. 
Heart Art is about connecting with people and sparking joy. It is helping me cope with my grief and it allows me to Express myself in the only way I know how. Heart Art it’s about remembering those special moments in life. No matter the occasion Heart Art can connect with you and your loved ones. 
I’m still in the early stages of my journey but I’m happy that you stopped by,and i look forward to sharing my future artwork with you all.
Karen Hughes

Hi! I’m Karen

I’m a self taught artist from the north east of England.

I was born and raised in Penshaw (a small village near Durham) I’ve been into art from an early age and for the past 5 years I’ve shared my artwork through social media.

My artwork is also available from The Northeast Art Collective


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Plaques with your choice of saying in Slate or Wood

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My Loving Stones have traveled the world expressing love and deep feelings far and wide

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