My Story

I’m a self taught artist and like many creatives I lacked confidence and thought my artwork wasn’t good enough so I hid it from the world.

Today is a different story

This is my “WHY”

In 2018 January 4th my younger sister Claire fell poorly with a headache and by January 17th we were being told she had just hours to live.

January 18th 2018 Claire passed away leaving 3 boys and a heartbroken family..

After the initial shock I threw myself into fundraising to raise awareness for vasculitis and keep busy. At first it helped but after a while I was lost in my grief again. Claire knew about my artwork and would always push me to “keep at it” so I started expressing my love and pain through art.

Myself and my sister have matching heart tattoos, so I took the idea from that and created Heart Art in memory of Claire.

I wanted to connect with people and show that its ok not to be ok and that LOVE IS GREATER THAN LOSS.. we all struggle with life and we have all lost someone, with Heart Art we can connect our emotions and spread love to those who need a little help in smiling again.

With the death of my sister I learned so much about myself and the biggest lesson was life.. its truly amazing and yes “life is too short to hold back” so now I share my artwork and I’m proud of it..